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“Better food, Better Health, Better Way”


When I first dreamed of undertaking the creation of an Organic farm I was still in University back in 1993. Although at that time I thought it was a good idea after i purchased an old homestead I realized how hard that work could be and decided to look for other pastimes to focus my energy on.

Fast forward 25 years the earths health unfortunately has not gotten any better. After working in Asia for over 20 years and seeing the rapid degradation of the environment firsthand on a large-scale I decided that I must do something in my own small meek way to the correct some of the damage our worst excesses have cause to the environment.

I invite you all to join me in this campaign to try to turn the tide that grows gloomier everyday. 

Politically active to assist awareness 

Email Campaign on the latest news and 

Social Media Campaigns to spread the word on good living options

Research economically viable ECOsafe alternatives